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The Stars Club is the Professional Training for Entrepreneurs (PTE) alumni network. The Club brings together young graduates of the LP4Y programs, but also current Youth, through sharing, support and mutual assistance. By talking about their experiences, the Stars Club members become symbols of hope for the Youth at LP4Y.

  • Organizing intervention in the LPCs

Once a month the Stars are invited to come and share their experiences at a training session (often on the theme of self confidence or professional behavior). They might also bring their skills or expertise to the development of the micro activities, for example regarding the management of a   large order or the development of new products. The Youth are encouraged and inspired by the Stars, who provide living proof that they can succeed.

  • Participating in the organization of major LP4Y events


The Stars are involved in organising Entrepreneurs’ Day (a team building event for Youth at the Entrepreneur's’ step), country celebrations, dinners with partner companies (members of the Youth Inclusion Network). They also participate in the important award ceremonies at the centers.


  • Contributing to the accompaniment of the Youth


The Stars, who mirror the Youth currently in training, also offer valuable support to the coaches, in particular when the Youths in training finds themselves in difficult situations. Having possibly experienced similar things themselves they can offer good advice, and even speak directly with the Youth if necessary.​​


  • Development of Stars Clubs


The Stars Clubs are developing as the Life Project Centers evolve. 2018 has got off to a great start, with the first Indonesian Clubs opening in January, and the organisation of the second Stars Club seminar in the Philippines in March. This marks a crucial moment for the network and the development of important connections between the 50 alumni hailing from 9 Life Project Centers. The second annual Stars Club Day, designed to bring all the Stars together, was held in Vietnam in July.


The Stars Clubs are becoming increasingly ambitious. The Presidents of the various Stars Clubs in the Philippines, India and Indonesia recently had a meeting by Skype with a view to creating a strong identity. They share a desire to work on common projects, to become fully-fledged actors in their communities, to help the current cohort of LP4Y Youth. They are living proof of the effectiveness of the LP4Y pedagogy, and are fully aware of the influence they wield.  


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