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Portrait of 3 Youths, LP4Y Vietnam


Ngoc Ha LPC (Hanoi) established 2014


At the end of 2017, the LPC moved to Ngoc Ha, near the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, close to where the Youth come from. This strategic site gives the center greater visibility, and its proximity to businesses and universities offers the Youth an environment to inspire them. The Youth come from the slums which line the Song Hong river, or from the outskirts of Hanoi. Most of them have lost their parents. Many of them work at night to earn a bit of money. Many of them are addicted to video games which allow them to forget their daily lives. At the LPC they manage a baking program called Bread & Smiles which operates like a French boulangerie. There are plans to open a second program soon.

Bread & Smiles

Bread & Cakes, bakery and delivery service

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

Bong Sao LPC (HCMC), established 2013


With the expansion of the city, the slums which used to line the waterways have moved further south. So LP4Y decided to close the District 8 center and open a newly renovated center further south in Bong Sao. The new center is closer to the poor communities it serves, and offers better facilities, including a professional baking laboratory for the Bread & Smiles program, an enormous workshop for the Lantern & Lights program, a communication room soon to be equipped with new computers, two training rooms, a kitchen and an eating area for the 30 Youth in the center. The center’s staff live on the floor above. The teams are proud of the fantastic space and are ready to take on the new challenges that await them.

Lanterns & Lights

Lighting design and production

Bread & Smiles

Bread & Cakes, bakery and delivery service

Go Vap LPC (HCMC), established 2014


The LPC in North Ho Chi Minh City is well anchored in the community and sits opposite of a local church. The Youth who turn up every day are motivated and hard working. They come from poor backgrounds, and have already in the past taken parttime jobs and night work to help out their families. Some of them are addicted to video games, to the despair of their families. Many of them did not finish high school, and yet they all hope to find decent work after graduating from LP4Y. The two motivated teams of Seeds of Hope and Revival, take pride in fulfilling their customers’ orders. They regularly sell their products at the market, to both Vietnamese and foreign customers.

Seeds of Hope

Cultivation of plants and urban gardening 


Creation and sale of furniture and decorative objects made from recycled materials

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LP4Y est un mouvement international d'accompagnement à l'intégration professionnelle et sociale de Jeunes entre 17 et 24 ans en situation de grande exclusion.

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