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In India, LP4Y is the Youth Inclusion wing of 


New Delhi

Sangam Vihar LPC, established 2016


The Sangam Vihar center became South Asia’s training center for the trainers of LP4Y, and there have been a number of very
successful seminars. The center is home to 30 Youth who come for training every day, and where 15 Young Entrepreneurs receive support as they tackle their first jobs. Most of the Youth are Young women from the neighboring slums. For them, how to balance companies exigencies and cultural families traditions. They are totally unfamiliar with the business world. The Youth at the center work in two programs, Khazana 1 and 2, restoring and transforming furniture, using recycled materials to give them a second life. The resulting items are sold at traditional markets called melas.

Khazana 1

Renovating furniture and decoratives objects

Khazana 2

Renovating furniture and decoratives objects

Paharganj LPC, established 2015


You will find the Paharganj LPC near the New Delhi train station, down a side street by the Main Bazaar. ​30 Youth, mainly Young men, operate their activity out of this traditional, tall, narrow house. Most of them left their families at the age of 5 or 6, arriving in New Delhi alone. They owe their survival to the NGOs that work with street children, doing odd jobs to earn money for food and drugs. At 18, when the support runs out, they are back on the street. The Youth at the LPC work in two different programs: Yummy Salty and Yummy Sweet. Their healthy sweet and savory snacks are sold in markets and within companies. The center was recently awarded the FSSAI label (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) allowing the teams to significantly expand their distribution into professional circuits.

Yummy Salty

Creation, Production and Sales of healthy snacks

Yummy Sweet

Creation, Production and Sales of healthy snacks


Chetla LPC, established 2015


Chetla, Kolkata, is a neighborhood of contrasts: a single street can separate a vast slum from a middle class residential area. The center which operates out of an old traditional house, is home to the Toto Café and Toto cleaning programs, and offers a kitchen, training rooms, and living quarters for the staff. Most of the Youth come from the neighboring slums, such as New Alipore to the south-west. Others have been living in the train station for many years. The Chetla LPC partners with the Cambridge Academy Open School which offers math, Hindi and English coaching to the Youth. At the LPC they prepare food for sale at the Toto Café, as well as at the Alliance Française du Bengale where the Youth go three times a week.


Catering school - Restaurant and delivery


Catering school - Restaurant and delivery

R.I.D.E. Responsible & Innovative Driving Education

Mobility Education

Hossenpur LPC, established 2016


The LPC, which operates from within the former Tomorrow’s Foundation buildings, is not surrounded by obvious poverty. Yet it is flanked by three slums: alongside a canal to the west; a resettlement site to the north; a farming community comprising 300 families to the south. Most of the Youth come from these three zones which receive limited services and are far from the city. There are now two teams operating out of the center. The first, R.I.D.E. (Responsible & Innovative Driving Education), takes its message into schools and businesses, alerting people to issues relating to road safety and clean energy. The second, Tomorrow’s
Food School (T.F.S.), is developing a range of products and encouraging nutrition’s good practices.

Tomorrow's Food School

Creation, production and sale of snacks


Malvani LPC, established in 2017


In this hard-to-access area, the living conditions are particularly tough: informal settlements, water shortages, tough work conditions... The authorities recently destroyed part of the slum, resulting in homelessness for several of the Youth from the center. The team members showed great solidarity at this difficult time. The inhabitants are now quickly building makeshift shelters. The center’s two programs are full, with 33 Youth now working out of the center. The first team launched Yummy Mumbai, reproducing the most popular recipes developed by the food services teams in the Delhi, Kolkata and Cagayan de Oro centers. The second team is currently launching its activity of production and sale of natural cosmetic and toiletries, Natural Health Care (NHC) Mumbai.


Creation, production and sale of healthy snacks

NHC Mumbai

Cosmetics and toiletries from medicinal herbs



Bengaluru LPC, established in 2018


Although Bengaluru is nowadays referred to as the “Indian Silicon Valley”, its boom in the technology industry seems to have barely touched the people living below the poverty threshold. In this city in Karnataka state, 900,000 people, of whom 20% are Youths, live in close to 800 slums. There lies the reason LP4Y decided to settle in Dj Halli, a very poor neighborhood in the center of the city. The center welcomed its first participants in February 2018, mostly Young mothers, often illiterate and victims of domestic violence. The two programs, as well as a day care center which will allow the Young mothers to follow the training sessions unconstrained, will unfold within the year. This positive professional training will allow the Young women to strengthen their self-confidence and begin to consider their own Life Project, which they had never imagined before!

Chennai LPC, established in 2018


Located in the Tamil Nadu region, the Chennai slums are large and are home to close to 150,000 people! Confronted with drugs, addictions, bad influences, the Youth quickly become excluded and isolated. They are victims of discrimination by employers and have little or no knowledge of the professional market and how to enter it. Based on a partnership with a large international company, LP4Y plans to open a center in May, located in a relocation site south of the city. The center’s programs are structured around a business school specializing in sales, event organization and marketing consultancy, with a study to be carried out on the local inhabitants’ ease of access to sports. This partnership will allow the Youth to have the opportunity of being trained partly by employees, allowing for a very concrete professional experience. A new and exciting concept for LP4Y!


Raipur LPC, established in 2018


The Indian government launched “Skill India” in July 2015, a national campaign giving Youth access to accelerated technical and professional training. Despite the political support for the program, the Youth find it hard to achieve professional integration after completing their training. Most of the Youth in Chhattisgarh come from farming families and live in rural areas. They are disconnected from the rest of the world and are not used to working in professional settings. After studying the context and the region, LP4Y seized the opportunity to work with the government and training centers on a pilot project: a Center for Excellence in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.
Unlike the other Life Project Centers, the Raipur Green Village selects Youth who have already completed a technical training course. The Youth then join a LP4Y program for three months, 6 days a week. On site, the Youth design, build and manage the Green Village. They are already specialists in their domain; here they have the opportunity to put themselves to the test, on a grand scale. They also benefit from training in areas not covered by their diploma, such as communication, teamwork, team management… LP4Y works alongside them as they develop their Life Projects, and uses a network of partners and local actors to connect them to professional life. Chhattisgarh benefits from the skills the Youth bring, but also from their entrepreneurial spirit.

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LP4Y est un mouvement international d'accompagnement à l'intégration professionnelle et sociale de Jeunes entre 17 et 24 ans en situation de grande exclusion.

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