Programs in the Philippines


Tondo LPC, established 2011.


The slums of Tondo are home to thousands, living in desperate conditions, wedged between containers and industrials zones. Among them, Young mothers trying to raise their children in appalling conditions. Clear-eyed, they do not dare to dream of a better life. Their stories are varied: break-up of the family, abandonment, addiction, domestic violence… They live with their families in tiny houses, often less than 10 m², made of reclaimed boards, corrugated iron and tarps, without water or electricity. When the situation becomes impossible, they leave their families to escape domestic violence. 45 Young mothers operate three programs within the LPC: the Aurora team sews and embroiders items for children; SoLareto (a technical solution relaying the 3S containers which had become outdated) hires out and installs solar lamps charged by individual panels on roofs; Bloom, a commercial school supported by Mars Wrigley and Nestlé, has undergone a complete transformation, as the original economic model failed to break-even - it now complements Aurora’s activity, producing early learning toys and games. The childcare center which operates within the LPC is one of the key features of the Tondo center. Without it, the Young mothers would be unable to fulfill their dreams of finding a decent job to allow them to escape poverty and offer their children a better life.


Sewing and embroidery workshop​​


Solar lantern rental


Sewing and embroidery workshop

Little Angels nursery

A daycare center for children of working mothers endeavoring to build their future

Quezon LPC, established 2010


Over recent years, the poorest communities of Quezon City have been gradually relocating to neighborhoods north of the city. Over 100,000 people have settled near the old Payatas dumpsite, one of the poorest areas of Manila, where most people scrape a living by processing waste from the dump. After much searching and following an invitation from the local authorities, LP4Y decided to create a center for vulnerable Young mothers. The center includes a living space for staff, four large training rooms and a terrace which lends itself to ceremonies and Stars Club meetings. In March, the center opened its doors to the first Fashion 4 Youth team, creating original designs on printed fabrics for NGOs and companies. A second team arrived in 2018 is working on the opening of a sports club, PayataSport, accessible to the entire community.

Fashion 4 Youth

Original textile designs


Sports club offering sports sessions and advocacy for the Payatas community.

Taguig LPC, established 2014

Close to the runways of Manila’s International Airport, this LPC is a place where the Youth can come for support. There is no shortage of slums in this area of the city, and paradoxically the business district is not far away, which is convenient when the Youth are ready to seek professional experience. The Youth operate a micro-economic activity called “Healthy Corner”. The team members are developing professionalism and customer service skills, and recently acquired a professional grade kitchen. Companies such as Servier, Lazada and Capgemini enjoy their catering offers. The challenges for 2018 are to improve the quality of their products, reduce waste, and be present at more events. A second program will be created in September 2018.

Healthy Corner

Promoting a healthy balanced diet


Green Village LPC, established 2013


Since 2009, thousands of families have been evicted from their homes in the slums of Manila and relocated in special sites, such as Calauan, south of the capital. At first sight, the living conditions appear vastly improved, but Calauan lacks infrastructure: the families live with open sewers and polluted rivers. Not everyone has running water, or electricity. For financial reasons, 50% of young people reach adulthood without finishing high school. In a world where prostitution, gang violence and addiction are rampant, it is hard to imagine a future. In 2013, faced with this desperate situation, LP4Y began building a Green Village. The goal was to test natural technology and lifestyles - to be replicated by local communities. The center is also designed as a site for exchanges and seminars on the themes concerning the Green Village (social entrepreneurship, professional insertion of Youth, environmental protection…). The site welcomes 80 Youth per year in three complementary programs: Eco-construction, focusing on training Youth in traditional building techniques; Green Garden, offering ecology-linked services such as landscaping, water treatment, recycling, waste management, dry toilets, composting… Deco’Me, the third program, focuses on furniture and interior decoration.

The Green Village was awarded the Prix Convergences in the international category in June 2017! Now, having built 12 buildings and ecological installations, thanks to the expertise developed by the Youth and their trainers, the teams have moved on to building structures with more than one level. They have 10 more houses and buildings to complete before summer 2020. This is an ambitious project, and one that is currently being replicated at the Green Village in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh in central India. Studies are underway for projects in southern Vietnam, Nepal and Myanmar.

Green Garden

Eco-services: water, waste and plants​​


Construction of ecological buildings out of bamboo and other local materials



Construction of furniture out of bamboo and other local materials


LPC Cebu, since 2010

On the island of Mactan, just across the water from Cebu City, the old bungalow which houses the Lapu-Lapu Life Project Center has been transformed. The bamboo roof covering over the My Craft workshop has been replaced by a solid roof. The Youth now have use of a kitchen, toilets, and a covered communal area; a real luxury for the Youth who live in unhygienic conditions without running water or electricity. Many of the Youth did not finish high school, or even elementary school. They are proud to show off their center to visitors, and try harder than ever to recruit new Youth to join them! The Youth in the My Craft program are committed to the environmentally friendly creation, production and sale of bamboo candles.

My Craft

Artisanal candles, made to order

Origin programs

The living conditions in the Lapu-Lapu and Iligan prisons get harder every day. Lapu-Lapu was designed to hold 800 prisoners, and Iligan 400; they now contain 2,300 and 1,200 respectively. The cells are divided into 2 levels, each one just 1.5m high, making it impossible to stand up, and there is not enough room for everyone to lie down at once. The three meals per day are not guaranteed. 32 Youth have joined the Origin program. In Lapu-Lapu, the team consists of 16 Young men who have been awaiting trial for years. The activity revolves around jewelry making. The Iligan program closed for a while following an Islamist siege in Marawi (25km away) but has since reopened. Their activity has changed, and the Youth now make bags using traditional fabric.

Iligan City Jail LPC


Sewing workshop with traditional fabric

LPC Lapu Lapu City Jail 

Origin Cebu

Creation of ethnic jewelry


Illigan LPC, establised in 2016

Very quickly, a second program was launched with Young ragpickers from the local landfill. Thirty Youth, with a variety of backgrounds, are fast learning to bring their individual strengths to the group. Some teach sign language, other are getting to know a neglected neighborhood in the city’s southern suburbs near the dump site. As they learn, they develop a strong team spirit, and are joined by Entrepreneurs who are on internships, seeking work or just starting their first real job. The Iligan Stars Club regularly comes to meet the new teams for a day of discussion. The Youth from the center support the Hear Us café and buy healthy snacks from Yummy.

Yummy CDO

Creation of healthy snacks​

Hear Us

Cafe school​​

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