When I became a man

Govindha Das, 24 years old, Working in Decathlon,

LPC Chelta (before Hossenpur), Kolkata, India

“Difficult Roads often lead To beautiful Destination”

When I was a child…

Around my 5 years old, January the 16 th 2001, I was welcomed by Les Galopins de Calcutta from Howrah Station. It became my new home. I took a long time to start learning in school but I managed to catch up. I studied until class 9 in a boarding school (Saint Anthony School) but I was directed at the end of 2010 to the parallel cycle. Indeed, the normal cycle became too difficult for me. In April 2011, I passed my exams and obtained my class 10 diploma. It was a success for me! I never was an enthusiast but I knew that studies are important to me. Then, I studied my class 11 and passed three of the five subjects required.

When I left my home…

My life was not the same as before as I decided to leave home (Les Galopins de Calcutta). I hung out with bad company and was struggling for my life, without job, without place to stay. I struggled during 2 years. I decided to ask my aunt Fabienne for help. She helped me out with some allowance and I started to study again but life was not easy like before. I decided to manage it and take the full opportunity to build myself as entrepreneur. I completed my class 12 which was a great success for me!

When I met LP4Y…

In November 2015, my aunt directed me to LP4Y. I have went through the pedagogy of LP4Y before joining and I was very much interested to join the LPC. I met Audrey and Constance, the 2 coaches, it was great and I felt lucky to join the center. It was a new center so there was a lot of work to do and many things to learn inside. I always wanted to gain confidence and sharp my skills to be success in my life. I took the best opportunity in LP4Y for a year and I became ready to face the outer professional life. After few months, it was time for me to be in Entrepreneurs step and find a job, which was a big challenge for me. The day of my entrepreneur’s graduation ceremony, there was a man who was looking for employees in his company. He offered me an interview and I was selected in his company thanks to the present coach (Constance) who have continuously helped in all her way.

When I started to work…

My first job was in an export company called Drico Logistic, where I worked as a supervisor. Everything was going perfect and I stared to know the outer world more. After one great year, I was selected as senior supervisor in this company. After one more year, I left to do my dream job: working in Decathlon. I always used to say it is my LP4Y graduation! I was selected in my interview… a great achievement in my life! I was very happy to start a new journey again. It’s been more than a year now I am working in Decathlon and I am happy with my life.

When I found love…

On of my challenge was to be a businessman but I had another challenge in my life… I fell in love with a girl, her name is Hasna. She was also from LP4Y. We both decided to get a life together so we married on 26 March 2017. It was a great decision and a right decision. Hasna is working as Barista in Café. Like me, she wants to be a business women.

When I became a man…

Life was going on perfect. I started my BTS bachelor of Tourism Studies. Life was never easy for me and I have faced many good and bad days. My Journey have taught me a lot and I am still ready to go more forward. Thank you all who have come to my life and still with me. Love you all.

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