Testimonies of the Youth from Green Village Raipur - Batch #1

Sagar SAHU (Sagar Sahu, 24 yo, ECO Group company): one of the most stable Youth, since one year and a half working with one of our most important partner in Raipur, Gurteg SINGH.

He is 24 years old and works in Sales and Marketing at Sleepwell in Raipur.

"Before starting LP4Y I was working in horticulture nursery as a gardener and also was taking skill development training. During the training, coaches from LP4Y came to our center and described about LP4Y. I decided to join. I will always remember my first day at LP4Y. I couldn't understand anything, but day by day I improved a lot. I achieved one of my dreams. I learnt a lot of things, not only English and Computer skills but also professionalism, management, and human skills. Now I would be able to handle all types of challenges. Because I know that I can find solutions from challenges. I was production manager in ECO Group. I learnt how to do our work by schedule in short period and do step by step. What I must like in GV pedagogy is that all coaches encouraged and motivated me every day. They are inspiring to me and now I will do everything in my life with confidence."

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Life Project 4 Youth Alliance est une fédération de 19 organisations dans 13 pays dont la mission est le développement de solutions innovantes pour l'inclusion professionnelle et sociale des Jeunes (17-24 ans) issus de l'extrême pauvreté et victimes d'exclusion.

LP4Y soutient l'inclusion décente de milliers de Jeunes et de leurs familles dans 41 programmes, 20 Life Project Centers, 4 Little Angel Academies, 3 Green Villages, 4 Youth hostels, 2 LP4Y Labs en Asie, au Moyen-Orient, en Europe et en Amérique.

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