My journey from the countryside of Vietnam to Decathlon

Thiên Nguyễn, 23 yo, Management Step

Revival program, HCMC, Vietnam

What did I do before LP4Y

Everyone has a story of his life, me too. So I will tell you about my story. I hope my story can inspire you a little bit. I was born in the countryside of Vietnam, in Dong Nai province. The place is poor, almost everyone here are farmers. It’s so far away from the city. When I was 14 years old, I couldn't continue living in my home town because my father died. Therefore, my family didn’t have enough facilities for me to continue going to school. At this time everything was falling down, I was through my life to the end. But my mom never gave up, she helped me to keep going to school. The miracle came up when an orphanage in the district 12 of Ho Chi Minh City allowed for me to come there to live and continue going to school. I am grateful for that until now. If I didn’t come to the orphanage, I think my life would turn another way, not a good way like now.

In 2016, I completed my program in high school. Then I entered university, majoring in Automobile Engineering Technology (college) in 3 years. After 2 years of studying, everything was happening good but I started thinking about my career in the future after I graduate. I really didn’t like it, I spent many hours thinking about what I should do, keep going or stop learning. Finally, I decided to stop learning because I didn’t want to choose this work, I wanted to change my major and control what I want to do for my life. I feel more comfortable than when I learnt at university. So I went to find a job. I worked for a while as a driver for the company Grab. At this time I really was in love with this job because I was working without pressure, the working-time was flexible, I could work however I wanted. One more thing is that I went to a lot of places and met all kinds of people instead of just staying at the company and doing something boring. Moreover, I had the chance to meet some people who come from other countries. It allowed me to talk and learn english from them. On the whole, I was so excited with this job. Nevertheless, 6 months later, I realised that everything was not like I thought before. I asked myself “everything is good at this time or not? Do you think you will have a good future if you continue to work for Grab?”. In my mind, a lot of questions came up like “Should I continue or should I find another way for my life?”. This time was one of the most difficult times of my life. Because I thought “This job is very good but doesn't help me to have a good future, it is just suitable for someone who wants to earn money immediately and wants to live easily’’. Then I looked back at myself, I am still young and just 23 years old and also, I needed to find out what I really wanted to do for my life and what was my dream job. Finally, I decided to stop working for the company Grab and I joined LP4Y thanks to my friend who introduced me to the organisation. After one month, I stopped working.

What did LP4Y bring to me

I have been at LP4Y nearly eight months and my step in the program is management. I am really thankful to the LP4Y program because it helps me to improve a lot of things very important such as : English, IT, communication with foreigners, how to be professional, work with the team and manage my time, my life. It also helps me to find out which way I need to go and what is my dream. When I am learning at LP4Y, my life is stepped into the page and now I have a part-time job at Decathlon’s company. I work as a sport advisor and I love it very much. By the way, I want to say something with guys who want to join and learn at LP4Y. If you are nervous about joining this program, let it go and don’t hesitate and join. You will see something special happen to your life. Now, let's talk about my-self a little. What did LP4Y bring for me? I was a man who did not know a lot of things such as speaking in front of a group in English, communicating with foreigners and above all who I wanted to become etc. I still remember the first time, I had a chance to talk about my family, to be introduced with our team but I didn’t say anything even though I prepared myself for it before. My emotion at this time was very very scary, my mouths couldn’t open and my legs couldn’t stop shaking. But, I tried many times and with the help of the coach, the result was better and better. To summarize, I never regretted when I decided to join LP4Y and also, I received more things than I expected from LP4Y.

My experience at Decathlon

For nearly 3 months, I have been working as a sport advisor at Decathlon’s company. Thanks to a successful internship, the company agreed to hire me as a sport advisor for a part-time job. At the same time, I still continue to go to the center and finish my program at LP4Y. During the work time, I have many experiences that are super great.

Firstly, Decathlon is one of the biggest retailer companies about sport and has stayed in over fifty countries around the world and with over 80.000 employees. I am one of them and I am very proud of this. Secondly, Decathlon is a professional and dynamic environment with a staff very kind, friendly and willing to help other people when they need it. I am so excited when I am working here. Then, Decathlon has the products to practice more than 60 sports and has reasonable prices for all kinds of people who want to buy and neither me. Moreover, they have a great service. For example, the guarantee for each product for at least 2 years and during the guarantee time, the customer is able to return the product if it has a mistake and you can change it for a new one.

When I am working at Decathlon, I am learning a lot of things such as how to discuss and deal with customers and how to sell the products, learn more about the products (this last one helps me to give the best advice to the customers!). Besides, I can learn how to organize and set up the layout, change it regularly and ensure it can adapt to the demand of the customers easily. It is very helpful for my life because I can also apply it for my life. Especially when I am working at Decathlon, they teach me about the vision of the company and I think it can help me for my future. Finally, I really love my company. I hope I can work here as long as possible and I will try my best to dedicate myself to the company.

Current situation

For nearly 3 months, I have been working as a sport advisor at Decathlon’s company. Thanks to a successful internship, the company agreed to hire me as a sport advisor for a part-time job. At the same time, I still continue to go to the center and finish my program at LP4Y. But now I can’t keep going to work because the novel coronavirus pandemic has continued to spread across the country and with some areas going under lockdown and my company is not excepted. I will go back to work for Decathlon when the pandemic will be over. For this reason I decided to come back to my hometown and restrict myself to go out if I don’t have demand to buy something necessary. In the lockdown time, I have a lot of free time to think about my future and what I need to prepare for it. I decided to learn more about english and how to get the IELTS 6.5 score. Indeed, I would like to go abroad in the future and work there. This time is the best time to learn. Besides, I can spend more time with my family and my relatives.

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