From Digital Inc to the November Meeting!

Deepak K

Manufacturing Design Engineer

General Electric


Bonjour! I’m Deepak, working as a manufacturing design engineer in General Electric Healthcare located in Bangalore, India. Earlier this year during the COVID-19 lockdown, I got to know about an interesting volunteering opportunity to create digital trainings for LP4Y. The LP4Y core team had planned to launch a new digital platform called Digital Inc as part of strengthening their pedagogy. The introductory call instantly made me sign up, the key reasons being the impact that it has on potential youths in various developing countries and it well aligns with multiple global sustainable development goals. I along with other global GE volunteers signed up to prepare digital trainings on professional, personal and life development topics. Based on my supply chain experience I created a training on materials and inventory management. The Digital Inc platform offers interactive activity-based learning and also provides the time flexibility to the learner. This pedagogy could be a huge game changer for many learners globally in different NGOs during this current environment.

Through the LP4Y core team, I got to know that they have a wide network in India and luckily a centre in Bangalore. I was enthusiastic and planned a visit to the Bangalore centre to know more about their operations. At first sight, I was really fascinated to see the centre co-located in the community where the youths live thus making the program well accepted by the locals. The six-month specialized transformation program helps them to refine their professional and computer skills for their career ahead.

In addition to their periodic training, they get exposure to internships, industrial visits, micro economic activity and the Youth also offer community trainings. Looking at the impact that LP4Y was creating among the Youth and the local community, I was overjoyed to help them periodically as a coach for the Youth and felt that it’s a channel through which I can offer back to the community. I currently visit the centre on Saturdays and coach the Youth on various professional and computer skills. Few of the trainings that I did in the past – overview of supply chain, time management, architecting trainings for community and general computer trainings.

In terms of the site specifics, the Bangalore centre is limited to girl’s aka Digi Women. The centre has a training room for group trainings, computer room for application trainings & Digital Inc platform They also have a mini kitchen with an open dining area to gather for a team lunch every Saturday. Below is a picture from one of the team lunches that I was part of. It has been a very heartening experience so far.

I recently got a privilege to attend the Bangalore centre’s November meeting that comprised of the LP4Y catalysts, the Youth from the centre and various partners. The meeting was well structured giving a bigger picture & long-term goals of the centre. It was enjoyable to watch some of the Youth sharing their experience and catalysts/partners presenting. I loved the video that they compiled which is self-explanatory about LP4Y to a broader team. Get in touch with the LP4Y core team to join the upcoming meeting.

I would like to wrap this with a big thank you note to some of the key members that I have interacted during this time. Firstly, I would like to thank the Youth from the centre as they are a key part of a chain reaction by extending the training to their communities. The next credit goes to the LP4Y catalysts for architecting the pedagogy and coaching multiple Youth globally by being in a home away from home. Cheers to my GE volunteers’ team, they played a key role in creating digital training for the Digital Inc platform. And finally, the GE volunteering core team to lay the foundation and arrange this opportunity. Please visit their partnership section to know on how you can be part of this odyssey and the LP4Y family. Stay safe and take care 😊.

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