Coming back to my Green Village


20 years old

Entrepreneurship step

Green Village Raipur


Sunil, a young determined Entrepreneur, finished his training in the Green Village Raipur just before the wave of Covid-19 in India. At the occasion of the re-opening of the Green Village he came back to introduce the new Youth to the center.

“I liked all the change happening in the Green Village.

It is nice to see the education has also improved since the last batch.

All the youth now practice more in learning English, which is a good thing.

I was happy to see youth again in the Green Village because lockdown was running for a long time.. I Enjoyed seeing the youth. They were motivated to come to the Green Village, included 6 members who joined from my district and that I talked to make them know about LP4Y.

During their first week with joining Green Village, I shared my Green Village and personal knowledge with Youth : I told the youth about micro-companies, how a real company works and that by working here, we get the experience of real office. I told them about professionalism, told them about time management. And during that one week, I was also doing a job search, updating my resume.

Together, we told the youth that a lot of improvement comes in us.

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