Portraits, The Exhibition

An exhibition ...
  • that draws attention to problems of exclusion

Exclusion affects developing countries, but is also present in developed societies.

  • that recognizes Young adults who take charge of their future

Despite a difficult past and numerous obstacles, excluded Youth living in poverty can become amazing entrepreneurs. It is therefore important to change how we look at poverty.

  • that creates opportunities for exchange and dialogue

For insertion to be successful it is important that excluded youth be given the opportunity to exchange with the various actors who advocate for the young. The 27 young Filipinos who feature in “Portraits” provide concrete examples of how it is possible to overcome a difficult past, and find solutions which encourage other Young Adults to believe in their future and forge ahead to achieve their own life projects.

How does it work?
  • A roaming exhibition in France, Belgium, Luxembourg etc

  • Consisting of 29 panels, a multimedia interface (video portraits), teaching materials and a book for sale

  • A roaming exhibition which can be easily transported and adapted to different types of exhibition space without any security or conservation constraints.

  • Appropriate for professionals (associations or businesses), college students or young professionals, elementary or secondary school students.

To understand everything about Portraits Exhibit, please consult our information leaflet.

Contact us if you need more informations to organize the exhibit: info@lp4y.org.

LP4Y est un mouvement international d'accompagnement à l'intégration professionnelle et sociale de Jeunes entre 17 et 24 ans en situation de grande exclusion.

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