Pedagogy of entrepreneurship

LP4Y accompanies Young Adults living in extreme poverty (on less than US$1.90 per day) who are victims of exclusion (people with disabilities, orphans, victims of domestic violence, Young prisoners or ex-prisoners, Young single mothers, migrants …). The most important criterion for acceptance to an LP4Y program is a demonstration of serious commitment and motivation on the part of the Young Adult.


Life Projects Centers (LPC)

LPCs provide an ideal environment where Young Adults can develop their Life Projects and work towards social and financial autonomy, allowing them eventually to become agents for development in their communities.


Each LPC houses between 1 and 3 programs, each consisting of 15 Young adults who benefit from a specially designed pedagogy known as Professional Training for Entrepreneurs (PTE).


The LPCs operate in the heart of slum areas in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. The first center was opened in 2009.

Professional Training for Entrepreneurs (PTE)


Average training period, 12 months

5 days a week, 8 hours a day and structured around 3 pillars

WORK (2 and a half days per week): creation, development and management of an economic micro-activity. The Young Adults learn how to manage a business, from its conception, and the production of goods, through administration and finance, to the marketing and sale of products. A positive experience, managing the business and taking responsibility and initiative, increases their self-confidence, allowing them to develop their entrepreneurial streak while they gradually become engaged in the professional world.
LEARN (1 and a half days per week):
remedial academics and the development of business-essential skills: English, IT, communication etc...
GUIDE (1 day per week): Personal development: learning to control their emotions, managing a budget, identifying skills, thinking of the future and developing a Life Project.
The Professional Training for Entrepreneurs can be broken down into 4 steps, each lasting approximately 4 months.

Autonomy: The Youth learn time management, radically altering the way they live their lives.

Responsibility: They start to appreciate to what extent their individual differences make them unique and how this can help them to break free.

Management: They must bring their project into line with what they have achieved so far. The Young Adults face up to who they are, recognizing both the positive and the negative traits, in their own eyes and in the eyes of others.

Entrepreneurship covers the first internship or real job outside the center. “One day I will take control of my life”.

English-speaking Zone Only


English is spoken in all the Life Project Centers.

English is the international language of business and it gives the Youth a valuable skill which will prove an advantage when they enter professional life. After the difficult first 3 months, progress is amazing. Speaking a new shared language develops team spirit and conciliation.

Life Project Money (LPM)


Following the initial discovery week each Young Adult receives a weekly allowance, known as Life Project Money, which allows them to take care of their own financial needs (food, health and hygiene, clothing, housing) and to provide financial assistance to their biological or adopted family, as well as saving up for their Life Project. The amount of the allowance increases as successive steps in the program are completed. At its lowest it is equivalent to twice the poverty rate of US$1.90/day. It is always lower than the local minimum wage. The coaches help each Young Adult to manage their budget.

How we accompany them: Together we can

Each team of 15 young adults is accompanied by a coach, who is an LP4Y volunteer on a 1- to 2-year mission.

In addition, local experts give their time to assist with skills training for the young, as required.

The main goal is to offer invaluable experiences to the Young.

While this accompaniment is, by necessity, demanding, it is carried out in a way that is 100% positive. Team spirit is actively encouraged.

Life Project Incubators


Prior to joining LP4Y, the Young Adults’ only goal was to survive one day at a time, struggling just to meet their most basic needs.

During discovery week, once they are admitted to a program, they are asked to look to the future and to voice their dreams and ambitions. This is a challenge, but it becomes easier as they progress through the Life Project Book, which guides them through the development of their personal project by means of alternating individual work sessions and group meetings.


Three times per year the young are invited to present their Life Projects in front of their teams, guests, families, personalities, Stars Club members. For Young Adults coming from such difficult backgrounds this is an extremely meaningful ceremony. They often approach it with apprehension, but almost always leave feeling strengthened.


The Life Project is the core of the Young Adult’s progress towards their freedom. “One day I will take control of my life”.

LP4Y est un mouvement international d'accompagnement à l'intégration professionnelle et sociale de Jeunes entre 17 et 24 ans en situation de grande exclusion.

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