LP4Y’s achievements, end of 2018


1 851 Young Adults accompanied

15 000 Individuals positively impacted 

44 programs

22 Life Project Centers

1032 Young Adults integrated into the professional world

12 international organizations

 10 operating countries

87 qualified catalysts in the field

On completion of Professional Training for Entrepreneurs:


85%  of students have graduated

80% have found decent work


15% of Young Adults who enroll in an LPC leave without graduating and without successfully integrating, but half of these return to the program within 6 months.


The following figures come from a study undertaken by HEC/Planete d’Entrepreneurs on LP4Y’s impact 2014.

 Endangered Youth

Of those Young Adults enrolled in an LP4Y program:

1 in 5 has spent time sleeping in the streets.

4 in 5 cannot afford to buy medication.

Over ½ ended formal schooling before age 16.


Over ⅓ have been victims of domestic violence.

1 in 5 has spent time in prison.

11% say they have at some point resorted to prostitution.

Over 20% have been members of a gang.

Young Adults in LP4Y Centers

Of the Young Adults interviewed who are enrolled in an LP4Y program:

93% are glad to be in an LPC.


92% are satisfied with the quality of training offered by the coaches.


88% of Young Adults interviewed agree that moving up the steps of Autonomy, Responsibility, Management, Entrepreneurship allows one to gain in responsibility.


90% of Young Adults are proud to move forward. 

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