Entrepreneurs’ House

The idea behind the Entrepreneurs’ House is to offer a dedicated space to the Youth who are just starting out in their professional lives; somewhere they can meet and share experiences.

The House’s Mission is to help ensure that the Youth stay comfortably above the poverty threshold and become, in due course, actors for this early stage of insertion.

The first Entrepreneurs’ House was inaugurated in Manila in December 2014. The Youth who were beginning their adult lives made it their own: a meeting place, a place for sharing, for offering and receiving support, and a living space for those in need of a friendship and a roof over their heads.

The Entrepreneurs’ House should be


  • A venue for training sessions and seminars

  • A job search center and a venue for meeting the coaches

  • A meeting space for the Stars Club

  • A development lab for online, video and capitalization platforms

  • Training venue


The Entrepreneurs’ House offers a space which can be used for training sessions offered by partners, by past LPC members or by volunteers. Anyone whose life project has a connection to the chosen topic is welcome to the Entrepreneurs’ House for that session.


  • Living space


The Young Stars get together in the Entrepreneurs’ House, relaxing and sharing their experiences over a meal, a game or while playing basketball. It allows them to stay in touch with LP4Y.


  • Meeting place for the STARS


The Entrepreneurs’ House is available to the Stars for organizing events for the current LPC members or for major LP4Y events. They can also meet the volunteers in the house, and use it as a welcoming and professional place to get work done.

LP4Y est un mouvement international d'accompagnement à l'intégration professionnelle et sociale de Jeunes entre 17 et 24 ans en situation de grande exclusion.

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