Become an LP4Y Member or Ambassador

If you wish to become involved in the professional and social insertion of Young Adults facing extreme poverty and victims of exclusion,

you can become a member or an ambassador of one of the 11 LP4Y associations, in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United States, England, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia or in India.

Become an LP4Y member

  • You will be invited to the General Assemblies in May and November

  • You will receive the Newsletter and the Annual Financial Report

If you wish, you may also stand for election to the Board, which consists of 12 members, half of whom stand for reelection every year.


To become a MEMBER, simply complete the appropriate form for your country of residence online, and pay the annual membership fee of 10€.


The forms for the USA, UK, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and the Philippines are not yet available. You can inform us about your wish to join LP4Y in these countries via the online form.

Become an LP4Y Ambassador


You can communicate LP4Y news to your network. You can help organize meetings or events, organizing the Portraits show in your area of residence. You can be involved in founding an LP4Y fundraising branch in your country.


You can also, with the help of the LP4Y members living in your area and with the help of the LP4Y Ambassador kit, contact companies and institutions to present our activities in the field and set up financial partnerships, donations in kind, integration of Young Adults in the professional world, organize brief training sessions, skills-based sponsorship, etc.



To develop and raise awareness of Life Project 4 Youth’s actions, we invite you to become a CORRESPONDENT in the United States, UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg or the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia or India.

Depending on the events planned and your skills, you may participate in setting up one-off events or volunteer a couple of hours a week for longer term assignments:

  • Raising Awareness: organizing information meetings, drafting articles, research, participating in meetings and communicating.

  • Organizing events: concerts, meetings, seminars, photography shows for LP4Y.

  • Administration and accounting: LP4Y organization’s administrative tasks, inputting information, updating listings, mailing invitations, taking minutes at meeting.

  • Communication: motivating members, press relations, developing tools such as web sites, Facebook, letters, studies, flyers.

LP4Y est un mouvement international d'accompagnement à l'intégration professionnelle et sociale de Jeunes entre 17 et 24 ans en situation de grande exclusion.

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