Become a Catalyst for Change

One of the founding principles of LP4Y is to commit to volunteer assignments. From the beginning, in 2009, the permanent team has been exclusively made up of volunteers who sign on for 1, 2, 3 years or more. LP4Y has no wage earners.

95 international professionals are on the field with LP4Y - Filipinos, Indonesians, Indians, French, Czech, Vietnamese - working full time. ⅔ are women, ⅓ men, aged between 24 and 60, the average age is 29.

Since 2009, more than 300 international volunteers have received training in the LP4Y pedagogy and taken up active and key roles in the field.

Allowance and housing are provided for the permanent staff and their assignment costs are covered. They receive a monthly allowance.


The different types of volunteer contracts are: VIS (Volunteer for International Solidarity by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs); EVS (European Voluntary Service of the European Union); and Internship Agreements with colleges and universities.  

Recruitment sessions start in February for assignments 1st of August, or in September for assignments beginning 1st of February.

Become a Coach


Once trained in the LP4Y pedagogy and software, you will participate in the training of 15 Young Adults while developing your skills in the following fields:

  • Organization and management

  • Pedagogy and accompanying Young Adults (training and transversal management)

  • Development of a micro-economic activity (social entrepreneurship)

  • Generating partnerships (communication and strategy

The assignments call for applicants who are keen enthusiasts of development and entrepreneurship, with prior business experience.

Successful candidates must be open-minded, dynamic and resourceful, keen to gain new perspectives, and to grow and learn new skills in an intercultural environment. They must be enthusiastic, dynamic and passionate about sharing and meeting new people.

English is essential.

Become a Project Leader - Microeconomic Initiative Development


In team with the Asia Coordinator and the Country Coordinators, the MEI development project manager is one of the 4 project managers who supports the coaches of the different programs.


Microeconomic initiatives - MEIs - are also called "program or activities".

Each Life Project Center has 2 or 3 programs developed by teams of 17 Young adults.

Micro Economic Initiatives are central to the Youth’s integration journey into the decent and professional world.

The MEI Development Project Manager is the coordinator of the activities:

  • He / she holds the dashboard and informs the whole team in a transversal way

  • He / she helps each coach to develop his program by taking advantage of all the synergies with the other programs: improvements / complementarities / ideas / customer network, etc.            

  • He / she initiates and develops "big accounts" clients locally or in countries where LP4Y is present.            

  • He / she trains, advises and animates the Program Coordinating Coaches of the Life Project Centers.        

  • He / she organizes, designs courses and teaching aids. He / she is exemplary to train young people in LPC on his expertise.

Become a Project Leader - Management, Organization, and Finance


In team with the Asia Coordinator and the Country Coordinators, the Project Leader Organization & Management is one of the 4 Project Leader who accompanies and supports the Coaches of programs on the first of their four missions: Organization & Management

The Project Leader Management, Organization & Finance is:

●  Responsible for the institutional development of LP4Y projects across his/her affected zone (South East Asia or South Asia) following the fixed plan with the Asia Coordinator,

●  The coordinator of LP4Y administration and management across Asia in collaboration with accounting firms and lawyers under contract with LP4Y. He / she coordinates the eventual consultants selected for certification projects,

●  He / she ensures the alignment of all the centers according to fixed plans of progress,    

●  He / she organizes the management flux according to the budget voted between the different entities of the LP4Y alliance. He / she gathers and coordinates the project reporting,

●  He / she is the coach in management, organization at the level of the staff and at the level of the Youth,

●  He / she trains and advises the coaches and coordinators in the different Life Project Centers,

●  He / she organizes, designs courses and trainings. He / she trains the Young adults in the LPCs on his expertise.

Become a Project Leader - Partnership Development


The Project Leader Partnership Development is responsible for deploying the global strategic partnership development plan for the five LP4Y countries as well as the countries that will open for the future.

●  The PL PD supports volunteers, coaches & supports, in taking into account their own projects of development of partnerships but also in their inclusion in a broader plan at the level of the city or the country where they are,

●  The PL PD oversees the effective deployment of the action plan,

●  The PL PD in coordination with the communication team, builds solid partnerships, develops and updates the tools to enroll them in the long term and allows to widen the field of jobs possible for the Youth. If necessary, the PL PD helps to orient the Youth towards identified opportunities,

●  The PL PD ensures the empowerment of volunteers in building partnerships, and their good knowledge of the LP4Y tools existing on the LP4Y extranet,

●  The PL PD works in close collaboration with the Project Leader Entrepreneurship in charge of developing the quality of follow-up by the coaches of the Entrepreneurship phase for all Youth,

●  The PL PD in collaboration with the project leader Entrepreneurship, the country coordinators and the event assistant is the pilot of projects such as YIN, job forums, etc.

Become a Project Leader -

Pedagogical Development & Coaching


Since the opening of the first pilot centers in 2009, the LP4Y teams have consolidated their experiences with teaching tools that can be shared by everyone and gathered on the LP4Y extranet. The mission of the LP4Y Pedagogical Development Leader is to provide Coordinators and Coaches with all the educational support they need.
The LP4Y Pedagogical Development Leader consolidates information, promotes best practices and facilitates the development of new teaching materials according to the needs expressed in the different centers.
In order to fulfill its mission as close as possible to the Youth, the LP4Y pedagogy development leader is himself/herself a trainer, he / she intervenes in the various centers following the request of the country coordinators, coaches or the Asia coordinator.
The LP4Y Pedagogical Development Leader will be at the forefront of the development of the Life Project Plan, an essential educational approach for the integration of the Youth.

This mission is divided halfway into training in the centers, half in design, coordination, production of educational materials for the Youth directly and / or for coordinators and coaches.He / she will ensure the development of pedagogy in LP4Y, create supports and imagine new and more effective forms of trainings.He / she will work on the volunteer seminar content and animate the seminars with a team or project leaders and coordinators.


Become a Project Leader - Alliance reporting and finance


The different missions of the Project Leader Alliance Reporting and Finances are:    

  • Aggregation of the accounts of the 15 LP4Y structures and edition of a "consolidated" presentation brochure of the LP4Y organizations (presented at the different GA),        

  • Global audit of each of the 15 LP4Y structures        

  • Audit and implementation of concrete solutions for major projects such as the South Asia development project, ​and the Mediterranean development project,

  • Creation of the "financial" replication model of the Life Project Centers,

  • Overall financial reporting to Alliance members,

  • Development of partnership relations / long-term financing in coordination with the Alliance communication-fundraising team,

  • Training and accompaniment of new LP4Y volunteers

Become part of the Communication team


As a part of the Communication team, you will be responsible for ensuring that the image of LP4Y is positive and coherent all around the world. You will also be in charge of raising the funds. Concrete missions are:    

  • Fundraising prospection and search for LP4Y ambassadors

  • Drafting of project proposals

  • Project management (mid-term and final reports, contact with partners)

  • Development of financial and non-financial partnerships

  • Community management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube)

  • Website management

  • Preparation of external communication tools (newsletter, leaflets, presentations)

  • Management of internal communication tools

  • Graphic design, video making

  • Support to coaches with communication tools of the programs and centers

  • Coordination of communication and fundraising issues with all LP4Y organizations in 11 countries where LP4Y is present

For more information about the LP4Y Project, Please have a look at these documents:

Capture d’écran 2019-03-15 à

Le Bureau (french), a podcast with the testimony of 2 former LP4Y volunteer who were on the field for 1,5 years.



Scarred by life by Lucie Taurines (5€ on Amazon), which is the testimony of an LP4Y volunteer who was on the field for 3 years


And follow our news on social medias!


Recruitment for an assignment beginning 1st of August 2019 is open! 

Catalysts testimonies

Chloé Cresp Coach Bread & Smile in Vietnam (2019)

"When we arrive at LP4Y, we come with fresh eyes and a western vision of the world, which can, on the one hand, be a real asset, as we come up with new ideas, we see what can be improved and think about many possible projects. We set up objectives, deadlines and expect result as we’ve been taught throughout our education. But on the other hand, there is the reality . The reality of a country and a community which do not work the same way. We’re facing different ways of thinking, of doing, of behaving and of reacting to challenges. We realise that what objectives, deadlines and results mean to us, doesn’t mean the same to Vietnamese. This is when adaptation and acceptance take place. Adapt to a different way of working and accept that it won’t work the way we would like it to work makes our journey way easier at LP4Y, even though it might be taught and challenging at the beginning. Understanding one of the main objective of the mission is the most important to accept the mission as it is - making sure that the youth learn a lesson at every challenge they manage, or even the ones they don’t manage - it doesn't mean it's a fail. The results can be seen everyday in the youth skills and competencies improvements. They sometimes have a great problem-solving mindset and can come up with innovative ways to improve their MEI. 

But the most impressive part of the mission is to see how the youths can greatly improve them-self. It’s a long journey with many ups and downs, but I would say that when the youth know themselves better and have clearer life objectives, it’s a turning point in their motivation and determination, within LP4Y and their own life. They know better how they react to situations which also strengthen their resilience." 

Read her full end of mission report
Clémentine Turgeon Partnership Project Leader (2018)
"I thought this was a very innovative way of empowering these young people. I however noticed that it was not only the excluded youth that seemed empowered but also the young volunteers working with them. They all beamed with positivity and love for their mission. (...) I know that there will be great challenges ahead and I can’t wait to tackle them. The purpose of my mission is very clear to me and I am ready to work in order to build a world of youth inclusion."
Read her full fresh-eye report written just after the Welcome Weeks.
Hai Tran Community Mobilizer (2017)
"It's the first time in my life I have had a chance to experience in an organization where there are all volunteers. It's the first time I have ever felt deeply and strongly the volunteering spirit. It's also the first time that I have worked closely with the excluded youths."

"Ding Dung dong... It's time. It's time for me to say goodbye to all of you - the LP4Y Vietnam volunteer team. I can not imagine this day. I still feel I am on the field until this moment. :)

There are a lot of things that I have learned since I started my mission as a volunteer in LP4Y. 
I would like to say thank you to all of you for inspiring
and supporting me during my volunteering time. It's the first time in my life I have had a chance to experience in an organization where there are all volunteers. It's the first time I have ever felt deeply and strongly the volunteering spirit. It's also the first time that I have worked closely with the excluded youths. I was really impressed and inspired by both volunteers and the youths. There are so many different emotions during 1 year. It's such a previous memorable and valuable time in my life. I am so lucky to have a chance to meet all of you and work with you all. 

Thank you for committing yourself to be a volunteer and stay in Vietnam to support the Vietnamese youth. I believe in the volunteering spirit, your passion and enthusiasm in the field. You are so important for the involvement of the youth. I impressed by the way that we are giving, learning and sharing together and from the youths in our projects. 

Keep a fresh and positive mind, go fiercely and enjoy your mission. "

Julien Vidal Communication (2014) / Philippines coordinator (2015)
"During 2 years, I had the chance to grow, to experiment, to meet new people, to laugh and to discuss as much as I could have done in 2 lives. If I had one piece of advice it would be that getting out of your comfort zone is always scary at the beginning but it's probably the best way to feel truly alive."

"If I keep such great memories of my 5 years of volunteering, it's mainly thanks to my latest mission in the Philippines with the NGO "Life Project 4 Youth". It's true that during 2 years, I had the chance to grow, to experiment, to meet new people, to laugh and to discuss as much as I could have done in 2 lives.


Being a volunteer makes all your emotions and experiences stronger. It goes faster, it's more intense, more extraordinary. Your daily life is like being in a movie, and everyday I could realize how lucky I was to dream my life and to live my dreams.


Thanks to LP4Y, I met wonderful people. First, the Youth. They truly are living proof of what being resilient means, showing how they can become stronger after touching the bottom and how they can always reinvent and improve themselves. Then, the Filipinos that are, everyday, working to help those who are really in need. They gave such a good example of how to be a positive actor of change in your own country, whether you are working in an NGO or a company. Last but not least, the volunteers I worked with. For 1 year, 2 years or sometimes more, they decide to stop being at the center of their own lives to be at the service of others using this choice as a never-ending fuel to overcome all the surprises, the obstacles and possible disappointments that living a life away from the comforts of home can create..


LP4Y, it's also a philosophy of life! Mark Twain used to say: "They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it". So many people have been saying that the project was a bad idea and so many times they have been proven wrong. The fact of bring together people from different countries, cultures and traditions is one of the key principles to create the sparkle the Youth need to start thinking that a better life is possible for them. The volunteers, by looking at them with new and non-judgmental eyes, are actually giving them the space they need to feel as newborn babies to reinvent themselves and dream again.


Another thing I learned from LP4Y is that you "always shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you land in the stars" (Oscar Wilde). Don't limit yourself because so many others will do that for you and I realize it even much more now that I am back to France. Here people are so pessimistic that they put on the brakes before even starting the engine.


To put it in a nutshell, those 2 years with LP4Y have been a complete success. So many life lessons that I carry with me as a strength and an inspiration to choose the life I want and to share it to the people around me. If I had one piece of advice it would be that getting out of your comfort zone is always scary at the beginning but it's probably the best way to feel truly alive."

Léna Torcatis Coach Lanterns & Lights in Vietnam (2014-2016)

“I will always be grateful for the change they brought about in me, and for what they taught me during my 2 years with LP4Y”.

“... I will never forget the hours spent driving around on a motorbike, looking for Young Adults hiding in back streets, in need of help, the highs and lows of those early days acting as a sort of test, pushing me to exceed my limits …

I won’t forget the tough times, the challenges of launching LP4Y in Ho Chi Minh City, and the commitment and perseverance of everyone involved, inspired by the desire to help the Youth.


Nor will I forget the expressions on people’s faces; I even learned to recognize the sadness behind a Vietnamese smile - and that’s an achievement!

I will remember the motivation and enthusiasm, also the anger and the strength giving them the ability to escape their exclusion …

And of course, I will remember our first achievements, their first steps on an active life, their worries and doubts, but also their dreams, which give them the strength to never give up, to keep going forward …

It was so enriching, so intense … to watch them emerge and flourish!


It was such an enormous responsibility, accompanying these Youth as they made their way towards personal and professional achievements, to watch them and guide them towards a richer existence.

It called for so much energy! But it was so rewarding to watch our efforts bear fruit!


I will always be grateful for the change they brought about in me, and for what they taught me during my 2 years with LP4Y."

Lucie Taurines

Coach Green Program (Philippines) 2013

In charge of Partnerships (Philippines) 2014

Country Coordinator (Philippines) 2015

Current President of LP4Y France

“When you go on a mission you allow yourself to be transformed, molded by the mission, by the culture of the country where you find yourself, by your meetings with new people.”

When I went to the Philippines for LP4Y three and a half years ago I knew nothing about poverty. I knew nothing about the poverty which exists in countries, like the Philippines, on the opposite side of the world, affecting people like the Youth of LP4Y, who were almost the same age as me. And I met Young Adults who had nothing, living in conditions we cannot even imagine, and yet who had hearts full of joy in a way we cannot comprehend. I was looking for meaning, whereas they were just looking to fulfill their basic needs: a roof, food for the day, clothes ...


I found myself confronted by my own constraints, my own limitations. Living a mission is an extraordinary experience, because by living and working with the Youth, your heart’s barriers are lowered and your outlook on the world changes. Your approach to life and the world undergoes a profound transformation.


1- Total immersion in a new world, discovering poverty

During my mission I came across great poverty and all its contradictions: the reality of hunger pulling at the insides of the Youth whose single inadequate meal barely gets them through the day; the lack of health insurance, resulting in exorbitant medical costs which can drag a family down into debt and abject poverty for generations to come; the unbearable conditions in the shantytowns, to which Filipinos respond laughingly, saying “It’s raining in my house!”; the violence of typhoons capable of destroying their fragile dwellings in just 2 hours; the reality of prostitution as a means to pay an electricity bill; sexual abuse suffered by young children as a result of the promiscuity of the shantytowns; drugs to help forget how hard life is.


2- As a volunteer with LP4Y I learnt to make mistakes and I learnt what it means to work for a development project.

I learnt to meet others head on without prejudice, without preconceived ideas.

I learnt that giving and aiding doesn’t actually help. Thanks to the LP4Y pedagogy, I learnt what it means to accompany, guide, share with the Youth, and the amazing power of listening and communication.

I learnt to make do, at work and beyond, by immersing myself in a new culture.

I learnt to live a simple life. What freedom!

I learnt to immerse myself, discovering and learning to love a country, a culture and a people that won me over with their powerful honest approach to life. From the Filipinos I learnt about smiling, about the joy of simple moments, resilience, hospitality, generosity, joie de vivre.

I learnt lessons from my mistakes, I learnt patience and humility.

I learnt that being a volunteer is not the same as being a superhero, arrogant and all-knowing, swooping in from another world to solve all problems. Instead it means giving the best of yourself without seeing the effects, and hoping that the Young Adults will in turn give of their best, turning their backs on their hellish destiny.

I learnt to work as part of a team and to live in community with the other volunteers; I discovered extraordinary, generous-hearted people who touched me with their kindness, generosity, passion, and love for others.


When you go on a mission you allow yourself to be transformed, molded by the mission, by the culture of the country where you find yourself, by your encounters with new people.

Above all I learnt to go out and meet new people, specifically Young Adults, and to consider them as adults and equals. That was the key to everything.

Emmanuelle & Eva Coach in Pahar Ganj, India (2015)

"We have emerged stronger after our 6 months, with a fresh outlook on the world around us."

During the mission I learnt a lot about others and about myself. It was a mission marked by joys and difficulties which helped me to grow.

When I think of my mission with LP4Y, images spring to mind that will stay with me forever: faces, moments, life lessons, and a sense of surpassing oneself.

We were so lucky in having meaningful exchanges with all the volunteers from LP4Y and from other NGOs, sharing experiences from our crossed paths which enriched our lives and helped us to better understand our Indian surroundings.


India is a country of great riches and possibilities, and the Youth are joyful because they have accepted their burden, and we too must learn to bear our cross.

I saw humanity stripped to its simplest form, and how beautiful that is!


The Youth educate us and teach us how to live afresh, how to appreciate an innocent smile, an unexpected attention, a hopeful look, caring for and loving others; things we have forgotten to appreciate.

We do our best to help them, giving ourselves wholly to the project and asking for nothing in return, but when a Youth offers us a smile, says “Thank you”, that is the best reward because it’s the best they can offer and it is totally without artifice.


It was so gratifying when a Youth remembered something we had shared during training, or when they recognized us as we passed through his neighborhood …

I remember my first training sessions when I was so nervous: I couldn’t speak English and I had never taught anything. But as the weeks passed I wanted only one thing: to come back!

It was a powerful lesson, inventing and creating fun training activities for them and spending time with these Young Adults who never judged us. It developed my self-confidence and my appreciation of simplicity.


I admire the LP4Y philosophy which, like Don Bosco, focuses on excluded Youth, bringing them to inclusion and maturity through education and play.

The project will be a success. It takes time to become established and put things in place, but what an honor to have contributed to this project!

The Indians have taught us patience, and also to be accepting of obstacles and failures, using them as stepping stones taking us in a new direction.


My heart is overflowing with love, fit to explode and I want to take life by the horns, sharing my experiences and my good fortune, building new projects!

I am so grateful to you for your advice and availability which allowed me to progress. I am blown away by your energy! Jean-Marc, Laure, thank you for your trust, for believing in me; you challenged me, identifying my strengths and exploiting them.

Arriving in New Delhi to open 2 LP4Y centers, we discovered a new culture of a richness we could not have begun to imagine.


This experience, on both a personal and a professional level, brought us in contact with extraordinary people, not only the Youth but also our collaborators with whom we worked day to day. We have emerged stronger after our 6 months, with a fresh outlook on the world around us.

LP4Y est un mouvement international d'accompagnement à l'intégration professionnelle et sociale de Jeunes entre 17 et 24 ans en situation de grande exclusion.

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